Mission & Vision


All else being equal, good quality customer service gives the edge over competitors. Regardless of

industry, here are some key principals of good customer service that always make DCE’s business sense.

DCE runs the business based on the following 8 core quality customer service cornerstones:

1. Attracting new clients costs more than retaining existing ones. A satisfied client stays

with a company longer, spends more and may deepen the relationship. This is an easy “sell”, compared

with direct marketing campaigns, television advertisements and other sophisticated and expensive

approaches to attract new clients.

2. Customer service costs real money. Real costs are associated with providing customer service and

companies spend in line with a customer’s value. If we are a high value client or have the potential

of being high value, you will be serviced more carefully with high level of satisfaction. In DCE, clients

receive better interest rates due to reduced overheads and are satisfied with that.

3. Understand our clients’ needs and meet them. How can we meet our clients’ needs, if we

don’t know them? To understand our guest’s needs, we just listen to the “voice of the guests”

and take action accordingly. Our clients listening is done in many ways, for example phone calls, face

to face conversations, and satisfaction feedbacks through our website and Google rankings. We also involve senior

employees in client listening to ensure decisions benefit the guest as much as the company.

4. Good process and service design is important to us. Good quality customer service is only one factor

in meeting clients’ needs. Our well designed services and processes meet clients’ needs more

often. At the same time we are always open to be criticized and improved the process.

5. Consistent customer service. Clients expect consistent quality of customer service; and we are

committed on that.

6. Open communications channels. The client wants to contact us in many ways – face to face, by

mail, phone, fax, and email – and expects all of these communication channels to be open and easily


7. Every client contact is a chance to shine. If a client contact concerns a broken process, then

our empowered employees are able to resolve the complaint swiftly, possibly enhancing the client’s

perception of the company. Feeding back this information allows corrective action to be made, stopping

further occurrences of the error.

8. People expect good customer service everywhere. People become frustrated when their expectations

are not met, and increasingly demand higher service quality in more areas of their lives.

Providing outstanding customer service at the right price is the holy grail of our company. It is worth

remembering that we all experience customer service every day. We learn from these and apply them in

our own line of work, whatever it may be. The quality of customer service makes us stand out from our

competitors – make sure it’s for the right reasons!